Finnared History

May 25th was another D day for the poetic Clien Favour. He wrote a poem that earned him the spot in the Madva world. His article, won the competition where Finnared a new comer and Lauren were competing too. Finnared performed well and she got a chance to fight for the Writer’s title.

On 1st June 2019; Niccur, Clien Favour and Finnared competed for the Writers Title. Finnared was not able to pick on the pace as it was set and she looked on as Clien Favour managed to defeat Niccur. Niccur got dethroned and Clien Favour became Madva’s first poet to win the writer’s title. On 29th June 2019 Gitau, Finnared and Velly competed for a chance to compete for the Writer’s title. Gitau won and Finnared was given a chance due to her stiff competition that she gave Gitau. To Velly, it was her first article and therefore had more chances to be displayed in the future for the Madva titles for the Notables. On 6th June 2019, Clien Favour defended his title successfully against Niccur; the former Writer’s title holder, Gitau and Finnared.

On 20th Derrick competed against Finnared and Velly for a chance to compete for the writers title. Derrick managed to defeat the two and as the rule goes, Velly too qualified for the title competition. On 7th September 2019 Finnaered met Kelvin for the Elimination competition and she did not manage to defeat Kelvin. Kelvin proceeded to the next bracket. Kelvin won by a narrow of a vote. Finnared, Niccur and Bonnie competed in Madva during the Broken event competition. Finnared managed to write a very influential poem on 5th October 2019 that made her win a chance for a title run in Madva competitions.

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