I’m who I Am (Clien Favour)

Crickets clicking
Morning birds singing
With a nice symphony going through my head
I begin to smile
Its morning a new day
But I can’t open my eyes
Not that I can’t but I don’t want to
Because to me there is no new day
Having lively senses and opening my eyes every morning
Lands me on a furious, cruel world
That waits for me to torture me, skin me
And take parts of me bit by bit while am alive

I had a dream that when I reach 23
I’ll be having my own job …but now I don’t
You see…
The destinations that we often yawn to reach
The dreams that we have often dreamt of achieving
Deam off because of these lively circumstances
That sits on us, sophisicating our lives
Tearing our catastrophes that we are obsessed with
And since life is a flower
It dries sloooooooooowly
I look at myself in a mirror
And am thinking nobody can win my mother’s prayer
When life becomes hard
I just take shelter under the house of God
And I have learnt a lot
That he is amazing, omnipresent, caring, loving God
And in him I trust
Because he is who he told Moses he is


Here is Velly’s Article, Derrick’s Article

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