Failure is A Word (Ian)

Many times we hit our heads on the wall. Many times we cuss and gnash our teeth due to misfortunes, unmet goals, incomplete innovations, disappointing performance at work, school or even at our residences. Our hearts break, we do sob a lot. What do we term this as? From our prospective and judgement, we call this failure. We have learnt to rest our shattered dreams on failure, throw the towels down on our dreams due to failure. Failure, the enemy of progress so we say. What we don’t realize is that failure; like any other weakness, like any other malady, is a remedy that can be found with the greatest of ease. Failure is just a word or as I can rephrase it, failure is just a clouded figure of imagination.


The greatest example in history is of NASA and its endeavors in aerospace and astronomical ventures and this has proven to us that persistence is the key to success. Yes, they too had their ups and downs but they never let failure bypass their so sort dream. Right now NASA is celebrated as the most successful aeronautical and astronomy agency in the world; having pioneered human space travel back in 1969. Other examples are of giant companies like Apple and Samsung, they too have had their own setbacks but look at them now. They grace the throne of the electronic industry. Instead of falling to failure, we should learn from our mistakes. We should hold our thoughts captive and motivate them with self-drive and self-will. Last of all unleash your potential, unlock the hidden strength in you. Failure will be a thing of your past and a strength to your present. Failure is just a word; we all just need to strive hard.

Here is Clartz article


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