Failure is A Word (Clartz)


Failure is just a word, Life is full of cards
It doesn’t matter if you know how to play them
It doesn’t matter if you have a glimpse or a clue about them
And that’s how life defines failure
Failure is not pleasure, Failure brings pressure
And pressure gives fear, Failure brings out tears
Failure makes you think you aint dope
Failure draws your mind out of hope
Things, situations may be hard on you
That means you should be hard on them too
This isn’t a clue, Am being true
Because you got to know, You got to realize, All facts about failure
Because when you talk to your inner soul
It tells you, You are strong, you are great
And for sure if you believe that you will realize that
Failure is just a word

A lot of people fear failing, But how long will you fear to fail
Deep inside you know you should not fail
And that’s why you are working hard and smart
You want to be part of success, Because people think when you have success
You will still have it all through your life
But they don’t understand that being successful doesn’t mean you will
always be all through life, There must be a times when you have to fail
And when you fail it doesn’t mean you are a tail
You are a genius, Because you want to know what you don’t know
You want to achieve what you don’t have
And achieving all that you have to fail
Many times to get to what you want, Believe me or not with this phrase
You are going to achieve a lot, Just keep in mind and know that
Failure is just a word

Here is Ian’s Article

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