Everything Comes to an End (Niccur)

Even those gift that God had sent.
Just like her she was my angel.
The gift I receive from above.
I loved her with every beat in my heart.
I was about to give her my soul.
Then one day she decided to  leave.
Just before a day when she promised not to.
Suddenly she cut the  rope:
With in went my happiness and hope.

I  found myself broken 
I realized that i had awoken.
It feels like our love was dream.
Oh  no matter how real it seems.


She said :
not even in your dreams i would talk to you
Since then every dream turned into a nightmare

Since then tears never left my eyes.
She completely vanished.
Oh she had gone now 
I’m all  alone dispirited to struggle on my own.
Days turned darker

Reality became sadder,
Truths are lies that behind us.
I wasn’t aware of the gap between us

No more words left to say 
No more tears left to cry.
Everything comes to an end
except my love has no end.
I’m the one who got rejected for being “lover”. 
I’m the one who got insulted for being  “loyal “

Love is real as pain too
Sorrows and heaviness  are on  my mind 
too late to wipe my my tears too hard to stop them,
And feels can’t hiden but feels can’t be lies

Little do you know:
That me and my heart are remaining on this love.
Little do you know that you are the love that has been in my heart for months.

Oh you’re the one I never get over,
I’m standing right here Waiting for you 
waiting for the day you’ll replace me 
with someone who doesn’t love you as much as I unconditionally do. 


Here is Franko’s article


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