Ever (Bard Mwendwa)

Ever wanted someone so bad 
That you only wanted them for yourself, 
Not to be shared by another,
Just to love that one person 
You just want them so bad,
Ever wanted such?

Ever wanted to be the closest, 
To share a bond as deepest
A connection as realest
And the furthest you’d wanna be
Is when they right beside you?

Ever wanted to have someone so bad,
That you only wanna be alone with them,
No one to jump in
Just you and them loving,
Some cuddling too?

Ever wanted what was already taken?
One who’s heart was elsewhere?
One who pained in a vague love,
One that hoped for that love,
That was shattered and in pieces?
Ever cried to what you want
But you just far apart?

Ever wanted something so bad?
That you’d give it all just to see a smile,
So bad that you’d walk every mile?
Ever wanted the impossible 
But had to convince yourself it’s possible?
Ever wanted to walk to the moon
But you too feeble for the stars?
Have you ever?

Here is Velly’s article, Derrick’s Article

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