Donnel History

Donnel is an article writer who enetred Madva competitions on the end January 2019. He competed against Robert and Symo for a chance to Madva competitions on Fever main event but lost.

After Symo making a record, many thought that he would have a come back and defeat Donnel on 1st February 2019; that is after Derrick gave his chance to another competitor. Donnel was able to defeat him and denie him a chance to fight Niccur for the Writers Title.

On 17th February 2019 Niccur was able to compete against Sammy and Donnel for the Writers Title. Sammy lost hope at the middle of the competitions and quit. Donnel held Niccur up to the last minute where he lost to him. Niccur successfully defended his title and was able to carry it to the main event of that month; Romantic Main Event that was to happen on 1st March 2019.

On 27th April 2019, Donnel Derrick and Symo had the lowest run in Madva after having very less votes count down in the competition. The total votes counted went to eleven as the competitors searched and lost track of who was to vote them. This made their competition become one of the lowest ever voted competition in Madva. It was a competition with bottom a hundred articles ever.

On 4th May 2019, Niccur competed against Derrick and Donnel for the Writers title. Donnel managed to top them in a vote per device competition and he retained his title. Making him go on being a champion for four consecutive months. Dennis competed against Donnel for a chance at the Madva’s Commoner’s title. He managed to defeat Donnel and get the chance as Elimination competitions started on September 2019. On 16th November 2019,, Sincere made a come back as she competed against Dennel and Derrick. Her articles, that her readers say, “are moving, motivating and capturing,” made her gain votes as she won to compete against Yvenne for the Madva title. Donnel and Derrick had to get another chance to compete in upcoming competitions.

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