Dine With Me (Franko)

Dine with me my love. I prepared this table on this special day just because of you. I have prepared soup, brought honey and red wine.

Darling take a sip of the soup. Oops! I forgot to tell you it was mixed with some pepper which made it bitter. And you just spilled all of it. That’s exactly what you have done to my life, you spilled the bitter side of my life and gave me hope and strength to fall in love again.

Now darling lick some honey to take away the bitterness of the pepper. How does it feels? Oooh! sweet and that’s what I feel when am with you. You are brighter than the sunshine and precious than gold. This kind of sweetness I can’t find it anywhere.

My love freshen your throat by taking some wine. Be careful not to get drunk and turn to be crazy. For am already drunk with your love and crazy with your beauty. As long as you are in my life I accept this state forever.

I bought you a flower darling. Smell it and let the nice scent pass through your nostrils. That’s the fresh and sweet air I breath any time am next to you. The beauty in that flower is what I have seen in you for all this long but the difference is that you get younger and more beautiful everyday while the flower fades.

I really feel sorry for God for one of his most beautiful angels escaped heaven only to be with me. In case you feel like you miss me remember I am always at your heart singing in a sweet melody how much I love you.

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