Did You Know? The Inner Circle (Richy)

“Just don’t waste our time with formalities!” said the lady while she was being interviewed on live television. I just sat their clinging to my book Landmarks in the Law by Lord Denning, “Just tell us who the next Chief Justice is!” the interviewee looked at the lady and had a question for her, “Why do you think that the people should know about the matter; now that Chief Justice Peter Roberts is leaving office?”

She sighed and looked at him with an nonconforming eyes, “The government knows, the people know; that the president is awarding the job to his private lawyer. It’s all about corruption and how corrupt the inner circle is. They want to continue taking over our country and leading it as they want. The truth is, we aren’t hiding anything. It’s a free world and we have rights to fight for what we want.”

The interviewee was just sitting their looking at the lady as she spoke, nodding all the way. When she finally stopped speaking, he had one last question, “What if the lawyer is qualified for the job?” She did not want to answer the question, sat upright and looked at the interviewee again. She started to tense, felt uncomfortable and moved her legs, “Well, it depends on how much you have been awarded,” she said as she smiled at the interviewee.

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