Did You Know? (Lucky)

21 years ago,
A man was born, bold
And that on that day, fear was declared dead on arrival.
Have you heard that my mother calls me a bouncing baby boy?
Not for my bubbly personality, but for how I was banging in her belly
Me being there must have been mind-blowing
But I didn’t stop there,
The poet in me has been exploding
I am a bomb poet,
Sometimes it is hidden, like a landmine
Ask me the times on stage I landed a crowd that was mine.
Perhaps I was eager to come outside, to see some sunshine
To cease living upside.
But things have been going south-side,
Sometimes I weep inside
wishing somebody’s daughter could see me inside
Maybe with her lying there, with some insight,
I would see some green grass
And with her husky voice, she would say,
“Honey Hurry, the coast is clear, you can come outside”

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