Did I Hurt Your Feelings? (Richy)


Look at me in the eyes! Look at me very well. Did I hurt your feelings? Did I allow your heart to freeze to a zone where it is ultimately frozen? Look me into my eyes and tell me, did I hurt you?

The first days when we met were very cool. I called you all sweet names, I took all the blames, I played all your games all for one reason, making you happy. Drives to the parks, visits to national museums, treats on expensive hotels, and nights out on every event you admired. All to make you happy, to just make you happy!

Two years down the line, I still carried the weight. Baby I want this, I want that, I don’t feel happy, I can’t eat, Imagine my moods aren’t right; did you ever think about me?


Yes, I loved you, from first sight. I smiled you smiled back. I laughed, you laughed back, I joked, you did the same! The love I saw in you was true to me. What I never knew was that the darkness had overshadowed it. Now, four years down the line, you still always complain, always shout, always exceed on arguments, always cry. I’m always the problem. Has it ever gone into your mind that I tried?

Today you made it worse, it’s Valentine’s day and I feel like you are a curse. You stand in front of me with wet eyes. Had I not satisfied you in all your wants? The house you wanted, I gave. The family you needed, I provided. The goals you wished for, I scored or I rather tried my best. It’s Valentine’s day. I requested this holiday to surprise my love. This valentine. From the army. All I find, is your choice, on my bed, under my sheets, sipping my tea. Tell me, where did I hurt you?

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