Derrick’s History

Prime entered Madva competition on September 2019. He managed to defeat Derrick and move to the next bracket of Madva competitions in that month. On 16th November 2019,, Sincere made a come back as she competed against Dennel and Derrick. Her articles, that her readers say, “are moving, motivating and capturing,” made her gain votes as she won to compete against Yvenne for the Madva title. Donnel and Derrick had to get another chance to compete in upcoming competitions. Velly competed against Bard Mwendwa and Derrick at the Grand Competition finals 2019 for the Madva Commoners title. She managed to defeat them and hold high the title to the next year 2020

Velly had a writing competition on 15th February 2020 against Franko and Derrick. She managed to defeat them and win back her Writer’s title.


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