Derrick History

Derrick joined Madva on January 2019. He was able to compete against Sammy in a cut throat competition that ended on 13th January 2019. He was not able to qualify for the Writers Badge to compete against Niccur on January main event. Symo was able to compete against Derrick but unsuccessfully lost to him. Symo lost a chance to carry his brand to the main event of January(Fever). Derrick won and went on forward to become Competitor C in Madva Fever event.

Derrick never competed in Madva Fever Event and therefore another competitor replaced him. On 10th February 2019 Derrick again met Symo to qualify for the Madva title match that was to happen on 1st March 2018. Derrick managed to beat Symo again for the chance and a date with a champion who would have pulled the title to Romantic month main event.

The main event in Madva happened in a great way. Niccur on 2nd March 2018, defeated Derrick to be able to defend his title again. Niccur grew to be stronger as Derrick watched hi break his own record. He came to be known as the Madva writers champion with a sense of skill and pride. Derrick lost but hoped to make a change ones he meets him again.

On 27th April 2019, Donnel Derrick and Symo had the lowest run in Madva after having very less votes count down in the competition. The total votes counted went to eleven as the competitors searched and lost track of who was to vote them. This made their competition become one of the lowest ever voted competition in Madva. It was a competition with bottom a hundred articles ever.

On 4th May 2019, Niccur competed against Derrick and Donnel for the Writers title. Donnel managed to top them in a vote per device competition and he retained his title. Making him go on being a champion for four consecutive months. Kelvin on 18th May 2019 managed to compete against Derrick and Dennis. Dennis, a new comer to Madva was given an opportunity to compete for a show off. Kelvin managed to beat them as he emerged one of the best artists Madva has ever found. This made Kelvin qualify to compete against Sincere for the Commoner’s title.

Sincere Competed on 8th June 2019 to defend her title against Derrick and Kelvin. Though the competition was head on she managed to defend her title for the first time ever in Madva. Kelvin continued to show his potential in creating creative content. On 20th Derrick competed against Finnared and Velly for a chance to compete for the writers title. Derrick managed to defeat the two and as the rule goes, Velly too qualified for the title competition. Velly competed on 3rd August 2019 for the Madva Writers title. Against all odds, nobody expected her to be on top of the game. Derrick and Clien favor wrote articles that the Madva community liked but despite all the effort, Velly’s article dethroned Clien Favor and made her the Madva favorite Writer.


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