Dear Papa (Swinnertone)

Hello father.
I’ve never used to being formal
so please allow me to call you Papa.
So Daddy, I’m writing this to you at most to show my gratitude,
And just so for once to appreciate the Father Figure you are.
So Pap’s , 
I’ve always been perfect with grammar,
But never before your sight.
Trust me I’m never silent nor I’m I ever in a bad mood,
But you are my Father and so I try my best
just maybe to show you the respect.
I’ve always wanted to tell you how much I love you,
How much I adore you,
And how I look upon you as the greatest father figure,
But then Facing you
and telling you all this  is much more than torture for this African child.
I fear just maybe you wouldn’t think highly of me.
So just accept this in paper.
I’ve always loved you and will always love you.
For me you are just the correct father that I look up to.
You are my role model,
My superman and my hero.
Having you as a Father is one of the greatest gift in my life.
I always and will always cherish those happy moments we spent together.
Those days when I was young and I would play all through with your beards,
Lie asleep on that hairy chest,
Swing peacefully between your knees when you would throw yourself on that coach after a days work.
I will always see you as that starring in my movie,
That policeman who could fight all the bad guys,
And also that genius of a teacher who knew all maths.
Time sure flies fast,
You are aging and I’m now a young adult.
Our conversation has been pretty much minimized,
Our meetings also have dim quite minimal,
And if we meet,
It’s a formal Father to son advice.
I am just too grown up to tell you I love you
I love you every time,
Too grown up to run to you every time you are from work and hug you,
Too grown up to hold your hands as we cross the road,
Too grown up, 
Just too grown up for everything.
But I’m not too grown up to write this.
But also not too cauterized to write this letter
So Papa I thank you,
Thank you for the Man I am today,
Thank you for this investment,
I am a proud product of you.
Though still the culture remains
No hugging,
No random conversations
No face to face I love you.
This is just Africa.
But to me you are just the perfect father in the whole Wide world.

Here is Velly’s Article

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