Dear Daughter (Niccur)


It is strange writing about an angel you’ve never met. 
But at times I find it’s peaceful to wonder
Much more peaceful than to just live.-

If I had a Daughter. 

If i had a daughter she would have my eyes. 
She would see life the way i saw it 
And i know it is a terrible curse to wish a person to be a cynic
But my daughter will never cry over people.
My daughter would have her mother’s ears
*I have huge ears*
My daughter would learn bravery…
Assuming I marry a brave woman. 
My daughter would be perfect…
Well in my eyes she will. 
My daughter will be everything that i wasn’t And every great thing that i was… 
My daughter will be my perfect poem. 

I would write her worth on her body
so that it would be hard for her to find or read it in front of a mirror.
People would read it out for her.And she wouldn’t care. 

If i had a daughter 
She would be my therapy I would tell her my problems 
Even the ones that she won’t understand and I would watch her ignore whatever i say
and worry about candy and teddy bears.

If i had a daughter 
We’d spend hours discussing Harry potter 
I have a feeling she would fall in love with a feminist.
If i had a daughter
I’d make sure she likes me more than her uncles She’ll be mine. 

If i had a daughter
I would be brave I’d be the person that I always wished to be: me.
If i had a daughter I would live…
I would tell how her uncles and aunts were all idiots back in the day. 
I’d tell her she was late But that she arrived on time

If i had a daughter
I would have life in my poems 
If i had a daughter I would cry once a week and laugh everyday 
If i had a daughter
I’d be her father 
I’d teach her what mine taught me 
And she’d learn to smile like her grandmother. 

And when she grows up to introduce me to the man that she had fallen in love with…
I’d hate him.
If i had a daughter
I’d be scared. 
But what is fear compared to her bliss. 
If i had a daughter
I would fight I’d teach her how to be kind and I’d teach her how to punch the hardest.
My daughter won’t write like her father she will speak her mind 
She will find her voice
My daughter will scream
My daughter will be everything that I couldn’t be

For my future daughter:
If you’re reading this…
Even though I have assumptions on who you would be I would still let you be less me
and more you.

For my daughter
that is yet to come 
Tell me what is taking so long
I know there will come a time where i wouldn’t believe about the days i lived without you
But still you seem cruel
You do know i could use a hug once in a while, right?

I hope to be there when you greet the world with tears
I’d be there to harmonize your cries with mine 
I’d tell you the world is a terrible place and daddy has been suffering for a while
but now he’ll have a partner and so will you. 

If I’ll ever have a daughter 
She’ll read this
And she would wonder what a sick man her father was: 
writing this when he was just nineteenth.

This is Niccur’s Poem. Click on the provided names and other contests below to view other Notable’s content
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