Coffee or Whiskey (Bard Mwendwa)


In a society as vague
survival is quite tricky, 
Coffee, or just whiskey?

Governed by the gluttonous,
Money lust pigs,Non visionaries, 
Title filled adversaries,
devouring from the peasants
luxury as their pleasantries,
Would you like some coffee,
or another tot of disaster whiskey?

In a society that should serve equality, 
all we swim in is sheer inequality, 
Deep brutality from those in authority, 
Blinded by the vague picture of progression, 
A bunch of serenading lies,
Care for some coffee now,
or  more of that economy draining whiskey?

Taking from the beggars
feeding gladly the owners,
You blood hound vultures.
where did humanity fade off too?
Promises that never tuned to true,
Still on the no signal money laundering, 
Hey there,need some coffee or another bottle of whiskey?

Blinded by its own drunkenness,
Won’t sober up from its own madness.
care for some awakening coffee,
or more of this pain filled,
troublesome whiskey?

Here is Phinick’s Poem, Niccur’s Poem


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