Cloud 9 (Swinnertone)

I lay under the stars,
Sequin-silver stars like the scattered embers of a dying fire,
illuminating the tremendous curtain of sky.
I could feel her heartbeat against the back of my head,
and could imagine the feeling of a soft breath by my side.
Moments like this I could but only picture the day we met,
When she looked at me it was as if every ounce of breath was taken away from my lungs, floating into the air like midnight smoke.
Every time she hugged me it feel like time had stopped,
leaving just the two of us to explore it all together.
Holding my hands alone seemed to be untying all my knots.
It’s like holding me for eternity in the arms I’ve grown so accustomed to.
Falling in love with her was like entering a house and then realizing I’m home.
This is what falling in love was like,
A story you never wanted to end.
Before Her I have only loved two ladies,
and they were so very different to each other.
But you are just like some holy blend of them both.
It did not and it still doesn’t matter to me where she came from or where she is going,
all that really matters is how she made me feel.
I laugh more when she is around,
I’m beginning to see my smile.
It’s like light at the end of the tunnel.
I discovered things I never knew about me,
We grew out to be friends and it all seems like we have know each other for like forever.
Love is a pretty powerful drug.
When you feel it, you really feel it.
It can suspend time making the whole world seem still for you two.
True love isn’t ordinary.
It doesn’t come around often and that’s how you will know its genuine.
Because love is scary,
it’s basically giving someone a map of all your flaws and imperfection and trusting them not to abuse the power.
And that is so beautiful,
it makes you do the hardest thing a human could ever do,
be vulnerable.
But then love is sentiment,
not able to be characterized by words.
It’s like the silver light that floods through the shear curtain just before the sun rises when it feels like the world is quiet and revolving around you.
I am in love,
but then sadly the grass ain’t greener on the  other side.
See life has a tendency of making you feel like there is heaven in earth then *boom* reality strikes.
But then I have fallen in love,
I will still love,
Because falling in love was very easy,
but then admitting to myself that it happened it’s hard.
See I have had very efficient defenses for a long time but I guess they were just meant for others and you just had your own way of letting yourself in.
Tell how else can I stop loving her even if she doesn’t love me.
I could run forever,
search forever but in the end,
every path leads right back to her heart and soul.
And even as I stare at the stars, 
all illuminating the darkness,
then my fear of never winning her crumble to dust beneath me.
The fear of rejection, lies, unfaithfulness and failure all linger at a distance.
No longer do I stand in the shadows of the past.
Instead I will march forward hoping to reach the stars one day and win the love of my life.
Because sometimes we are like stars, we fall to make someone’s wish come true.

Here is Felix’s Art, Franko’s Article

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