Choice of Friends (Sam Sly)

In life, we ought to make some decisions without even thinking of their consequences. In most cases, the decisions are made either when someone has been forced to do it or has given up on something.

Sometimes the people around us may turn us down but there’s that one person who has always given us a shoulder to lean on,a shoulder to cry on when the world turns against us. We really need to be careful with the decisions we make,the friends we keep and also the environment we live. Getting someone you can really entrust with your deepest secrets and whom you can share your sorrows and worries with really takes time to learn and get to understand their behaviors, their reactions and their lifestyle too.

When choosing friends, you should consider some factors; can they build you positively? Can they be of aid when you are struggled? You should also know the company they keep. Nowadays it’s kinda hard to differentiate between fake and real friends. For example,when you are hurt, they all come with same motive to comfort you but in reality, some are there to inflict more pain in you while others are there to sob with you. They are always happy when one is suffering.

Good friends should also never mislead you. Choose a friend you can walk an extra mile with to achieve something greater than what you have.

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