Calm Down Baby (Richard)


Baby, calm down; he tells me
My heart, still heavy,
I cannot look into his eyes
It’s not the way you see

He calls me again, Baby
As if I don’t know his lies
Sheets scarcely on the bed…
Shit wet on the bed…
My eyes going red
Red until they are very wet


She just came to visit
He says holding my hands
I walk to the chair and I sit…
Listening to the Bands
Songs, s@x explicit
The only we listen
When on the motion

I stand; look deep into his eyes
Do you love me? I ask
The advantage is what lies
I do, he masks
I hug, no goodbyes

I’m calm, I tell myself
I’m calm, I lie to myself

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem, Niccur’s Poem

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