Bye Bye January; It’s Serious Business Here

Its been a new damn to the onset of the prosperous year of 2019 thanks to the Most High.People made their wishes and goals to achieve by the end of the month and by extension the year. Even though that one enemy always availing to over weigh the circumstances has always been on the look.It was the Dusit attack by the Al–shabab but thanks to our very able army they managed to overpower them this round after a major incident that occurred some years back at the West Gate. This January some families to have slept on empty stomachs having nobody to their rescue. It was January for some that it was a defeating month while to others was a booster month for them.

But to every disease a cure has to be found as January was never meant to be forever as it is about to be buried and never to be resurrected. Those who had lost hope have a chance for redemption and restoration as the year has got other more 11 months which has got so plenty of victory upon their lives.Even the ones who had no more energy to upload more effort will have some energy to keep on pushing in this remaining period. Bye bye January for it’s now a serious business to more life with much efforts and hard work from all the citizens in their respective countries.

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