Broken (Symo)

From age fifteen Anita’s life was just a broken tale. She could recall clearly the day she met her fate. Having been a hard-working girl and been looked up to by her siblings, she left school late to ensure she maintained her top position. On this day, bad luck had accompanied her all along. She was raped and left wounded in the woods in pain. Many hours later a good Samaritan found her. She did first aid to her and simply because Anita did not want to expose what had happened to her, she refused to get to the hospital for a thorough treatment. She went to school as usual to cover any suspicions. Later on signs of pregnancy started showing, upon testing, she was not only pregnant but also had been infected with HIV/AIDS. She tried to reduce the burden by first aborting. It happened that the abortion was unsuccessful and she almost lost her life too. She was admitted in the ICU for some weeks but luckily she survived. Having lost her virginity cruelly , gotten infected and the high hospital bills was too much to bare that she tried unsuccessful suicides. She just had to live for the sake of living though broken.

Here is Swinnertone’s poem, Kelvin’s Art

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