Broken Isn’t Bad (Dennis)


The Review:

What I can be able to see in this art is a naked woman. The naked woman is lying on the ground as her hair hides her face. Her body is full of cracks made by a piercing arrow.

The arrow is currently in the middle of her body. What is visible again is a broken egg.

The woman is in pain and frustrated. The woman is ashamed to show her face; she curves her body to protect herself.

I think that the woman is a survivor. All she does is breathe.,and no matter the war, however hard it is, she can withstand the storm.

Her hair full of holes shows how people are trying to unmask her face. The enemies want to see the face of the woman they are trying to kill but her hair is long and protects her face from being seen.

The enemies try to throw a broken egg and wound her by piercing her with an arrow but she cannot show her face. A clear indication of the struggle she is going through.

This is a Pencil Art. The art was drawn by Dennis for Madva contests.

Here is Prime’s Art, Yvenne’s Art


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