Broken Heart Thoughts (Franko)


Chris was the happiest man on the morning of 17 th August 2018. Life had taken a different channel and he knew he had a brighter future ahead. His phone rang and he smiled as he received it, “hello mom…I am very happy and I thank you all for your support, do you know what mom I got a phone call from UNEP asking me to go for an interview… yes mom it’s a blessing… this is our moment to enjoy… make sure you come with the whole family… OK thank you mom I will be waiting for you at the graduation square.”

Chris remembered how he begged his mom to pay his university fees. Since his father’s death, life had been so hard and she had to sacrifice their only land for fees. Now it was payback time. All he wanted was to make was his family happy and now opportunities had began to show up. It was now almost the end of speeches and Chris’s family had not showed up. Chris hardly heard his name as certificates were being called. The photo session passed and Chris started to feel lonely. He picked his phone to call his mom,“Hello mom, I have been waiting for you all the day. You have made me feel embarrassed. You could have told me that you are not coming.”

A rough bass voice was heard on the other side, “I am sorry this is not your mother, I am inspector Nicodemus” the voice said, “what are you doing with my mom’s phone inspector? Have you arrested her? What has she done?” Chris asked in
an astonishing voice, “no we haven’t arrested her, actually we are at an accident scene right now. Your mom and some other family members were involved in an accident and I am sorry they have all lost their lives. This was the moment when Chris cried but his voice was not heard. Tears rolled down not only on his cheeks but also down his throat causing a bitter itch in his throat. He was freezing yet the sun was right above his head. It is painful to loose someone on this special day especially when you need them most. All the hardwork and suffering for the sake of the family were all in vain. He thought, “It is of no use to enjoy life while the people you treasure most are no more” Chris made a decision. He had to let go. No matter how beautiful the butterfly is you can’t hold it on your hands for long, it will surely die.

Chris woke up one morning to go to UNEP for an interview. This was a time to change things and to be happy once more. I am Chris and I was called for an interview” Chris said on arrival. The secretary looked at him for some time then answered, “I am sorry Mr Chris but the post is already occupied. The first interviewee has been accepted for the job” Chris stood rooted on the ground. His emotions and spiritual strength were all broken. He was now turned to pieces. He had lost a family and important job that could have made his life better. There is no worst break than being broken in all your dimension.

Here is Niccur’s Poem


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