Broken Heart of Glasses (Sam Sly)


I thought that love was just a mirage, an illusion. Until I met her, she made me believe that true love exists. She promised me forever.

We could talk for hours to keep in touch because I was young in love. I was over-excited because I had never had that feeling for a while. I had no time to consider if she was the one just because I wanted to feel like a man.

We made endless promises, spend time together. Day in day out, she became my daily addiction. I got too attached to her, not knowing that people someday change.

What I never knew was that one day I could be in a situation where differentiating the good and the bad would be that hard, now it’s done.

Life is paradoxical, with long conversations started cutting off. She took a U-turn and decided to detest the love I had for her. She made me believe in everything.

To her, I am a dancing fool, singing at the shores of her pool. She had become my daily prayer, but all that matters to her is that I am just but a player. She changed completely.

The sheer sound of notes gave her butterflies like knots. Sadly, I only had coins that could only make noise to her loins. I wish I had realized her only motive from the start but, I was too blind by love to know it.

This is Sam Sly’s, Short Story. Click on the provided names below to view other Notable’s content.
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