Broken Heart (Joseph Gitau)

You broke my heart.

Love was for me and you .
You always made my heart feel renewed,
Now everything has turned to feud.
What was I ? Always a fool !
I was always a fool to think that you will never break my heart . 
I had never thought that you could be a jerk .
What is your love cause it is not the true love is see in my dreams .

We were young love birds,
Our hearts so tender.
Filled with guile.
I thought who would go more than a mile. 
And everyday looking forward for your smile , but,
I guess it was only meant for a while,
Nice time.
I wish you a happy life.
My soul still lives even though I feel dead .
I am now filled with regrets .
Why did I ever fall for you ?
Why did I speak to you?
I once prayed that we would have never met , 
To experience short sweetness that never lasts.

Here is Biggy Wizzy‘s article

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