Broken (Finnared)


Am I broken?
Broken by love
Broken by rejection
Why is so hard to find true love?
And even harder to find genuine happiness!
Just when I think I found it, it slips through my fingers
Just like waters in a hand!
I found a boy, his grin,
the cute face and eye like those of an angel
He had it all!
The sparkle was there
The goose bumps each time I saw him
Then it all started fading away
The laughter turned into long hours of arguments
Long lonely hours of loneliness
Hauling insults at each other
We were both broken!
I was hurting
I was in pain
I loved him, probably he loved me too
But he kept pushing me away!
I finally accepted my fate
I finally left!
I was frustrated!
There is no one left to fix me
They all gave up
Am left to fix myself all up
Piece by piece, bit by bit!

They say am bitter
I think it’s even worse
I am broken!
Was it my fault?
Was is it my fault that I loved him so bad?
The fact that he is happily
Dating the girl he cheated on me with hurts me more
What did I miss?
What did I lack?
I guess he just got tired
What a waste of love and sacrifice
Left me broken!
Broken for life!

Here is Niccur’s Poem, Bonnie’s Article


4 thoughts on “Broken (Finnared)

  1. Its a heart that breaks, a sole that is bitten and a life that is broken. Love is not something to play with. It’s something that keeps life moving and families happy. It’s breaking when you find your soul broken


  2. Wow nice poem and nice write. I really enjoyed this work of yours. I look forward to reading and enjoying more of your thoughts put to paper. Bravo!!


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