Betrayal (Richard)

I prepared to go to war,
Tried to fight more,
Wanted my rights to grow,
For my black race to show,
But I can’t believe what I saw,
My black Cousins on the go,
Killing me to grow,
Written by Richard Ondicho

The Review:
The poem has got rhythm from the first sentence.

The title of the poem is Betrayal. Written by Richard. The poem is going to feature betrayal as it is indicated on the title. It is written on June 2020. The poem stands out as the perfect description of betrayal. It speaks for itself and as you can read the title it makes you be enthusiastically ready reading it.

The poem is about a person who is fighting for his race. The persona in the poem is a negro trying to fight for his race. The problem is that all he is doing is like child’s play. As he tries to grow, the relatives betray him for the sake of their own greed.

The poem is like a loud cry to his people. Trying to speak to them to unite and fight to be together rather than apart.

Betrayal is real and looking back, in history, many betrayed friends and family for wealth. That’s the information the poet is trying to pass out to the people. He needs them to stay together and fight together.

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