Before 19 Covid (Sam Sly)

Once upon a time, before the disastrous virus came, life was free and easy. Too often we would party, hang out with our friends, enjoy every minute as a group but that now is a tale to tell. Memories of everything we would do still rings fresh in our minds. Economy was fair to everyone. life was kinda affordable to the common ‘mwananchi‘. The government cartels took advantage of the situation and decided to change everything that was easing people’s lives. Everyone is hoping normalcy returns as life is becoming more and more unbearable. Back then even the less fortunate are able to at least get something to put on the table. Now you need to have the proper channel for you to get either white collar jobs at least to suit your needs.

We are already getting used to the current situation in the society. The past has now become a fairy tale to tell.

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