This table has all arts submitted at Madva for Madva live contests. Our live competitions happen every weekend in the indicated time frame on our home page.

Check out, read, comment, and vote on our content every weekend exclusively on our website.

The content in the table above has got Poems, Arts, and Short Stories created by our very own notables. The contents are arranged beside their authors alphabetically.

Check below and find out how we had to arrange the table. We have made rows on the table to show you where to find what you search. It gives you the freedom to navigate through the content that you search.

Please refer to the table as shown:

  1. Rank: This is the position in which an art has after the competition. The ranking shown is by the number of votes one art earns against the other. The first art gained more votes from our readers.
  2. Year: This shows the year that an art is published.
  3. Competition: Competition has the title of the art. In the title, there is a link that redirects the reader to the place the content is. Tap on the given title and get redirected to the art.
  4. Competitor: This refers to the notable who drew the art.
  5. Votes: This shows the number of readers who voted for the art.

The main reason we created this list is to arrange our content for you. Find any art you search for and also find new arts to read.

We arranged content against their artists. Find your favorite notable and read more content from them.

We also arranged our poems and our short stories on different tables to make it easier for all those who love reading from those categories to find the content of their own choice.

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