Artists and Writers Myth (Bard’s Article)

Is it true Or an illusion 
from an illicit brew?
Born to a father
Stronger than Hercules,
With the power of Zeus,
A mother, with the beauty of Aphrodite,

She was a princess of the sea
But no man could she see,
By her golden hair, she could be
As to the waves, 
She’d stare Waiting for one who was brave, 
Her beauty was beyond true
I’d call her Medusa
For a look at her 
You’d stand still in shock, 

Angelic as it may seem
This is what grandpa told me…
She’d never walk the streets
As she was the light 
A sparkle that was all bright,
Drove men to fight
To love her To have her
To marry her
But none was worthy of her,

As grandpa narrated She seemed like a myth,
But No, she was a goddess
One to precious For even the earthlings to posses
Maybe for the gods,
But before I got her perfect description, 
Grandpa chocked on a bone,
And that was all I heard,
Question, Is she true?
Or was she an illusion
From grandpa’s illicit brew?

None I’ve  I ever seen like her,
So maybe it’s a myth Or maybe,
Just maybe, she roams somewhere in the after life,
But No, Myths are never real.
I’ll ask grandpa some day
But till then, the myth is how it shall stay
As I drop down my mythical pen, Slowly walking away

Here is Dennis’s Art, Simon’s article

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