Another One (Clien Favour)

My innocence is being taken for kindness
It was exciting and suddenly it’s frightening
Those sockets looking at me expecting something
I see they believe in me
They see the strings and put peace in my head
And I can’t seize to give out the best in me
And the strong around me want to see me ahead
Ati let haters be,
do something great and they will stream in you
I trust me I can’t be a lunar
Mama says, I wasn’t born a looser
It’s hard to open my heart for one to see the sores.
I get it,
Nobody can’t live without testing a heartbreak.
I won’t live a dis
At least I have learnt life
What about those who don’t know,
how much they hurt when they do
Your beauty is not how you look, 
but how you trust others
Maturity levels high,
happiness be my addiction.
I put my GPS on so that you can find me
I can’t heal my heart alone I need my mom beside me
I don’t like tears in her eyes.
I pretend not to Cry but I cry behind doors
I got sores on my knees because I kneel to God.
They aren’t  painful, they are kinda sweat because I see His light.
I can’t open my heart always because you judge people
So the less you know in somebody is the less you should know
Before glory is a tough journey
I get it.
Nobody notices you before you make it
Even your first step will be important
then I hold the mic on my hand shaking
I looked into their eyes
They were warm
I knew I was home. 

Here is Gitau’s Article

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