Anger (Lucky)


Anger, a hot fluid in a container
The rage that boils in me could melt diamonds

I am reasonably angry at life
My passion fierce than smoked bees in a hive
I am subsequently irritated by a whole heap of things unseen
The violence digging deep into my soul
As fruit stripped by a knife
Life keeps throwing me back and forth
Like how Vincent and I did on the Swings
It Makes me vulnerable
But I breath when I fall down
I had doubts when I was younger
My soul is the hush-hush voice behind me
“Hide your toys fast, before they find them.”
That way I barred them from ruining my joy
My mind told me, it’ll be different when you older
And surely my voice grew deeper
and I grew big and bold as brass
But life still had the balls
The worries grew with me
I being the elephant, the problems being the white elephant
Black and White don’t blend
But I am Vulnerable, I breath when I fall down

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