Allow Me To Be That Person (Swinnertone)

One glance at her fervid authenticity
and you are everlastingly convinced that
a woman’s charm lay not in the flesh,
but in the magic possessed within.
I am mesmerized at times by how
you tremble when I touch your body,
now I image how terrible it is touching your soul.
No words can explain how terribly sorry I am.
Woman you are poetry.
A charm I cannot afford to let go.
There are those always on a rush for the next poem,
next romance,
that only allow enough time
to read between the lines,
and only a few will seek,
to sence your depth.
I seek more than just the depth.
Woman you are meant to be adored,
by someone that will leave
pieces of their soul,
love,laughter, joy
in between your pages.
Allow me to be that person.

This is Swinnertone’s Poem. Click on the provided names and other contests below to view other Notable’s content
Yvenne’s Art

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