About The Madva

The Madva is a website meant for readers; we have various Visual art creators (Artists), poets, and writers. We call them Notables here at Madva. We create Short stories, poems, and draw arts for our readers to read and view.

Our goal is to reach more people by creating beautiful content for them. Our Notables write on given topics. The contents are placed in weekly competitions.

We have competitions every weekend starting from 0800hrs Saturday morning till 2000hrs on Sunday night EAT. These contests enhance our capability of creating more and more great content.

They also enable us to reach more readers and get more views about what they love reading and what they don’t. Our mission is to reach more and more readers for our content and getting noticed.

The Madva idea was founded in 2010 by Richard Ondicho, a writer, poet, and artist. He had gotten the idea while still in high school. He had a dream of creating a platform to display what he loved doing. As days went by, the creative idea grew.

He did more and more research. He decided to put his research to the test in the year 2016. The idea was to create a home for all Writers and Artists who wished to reveal their creativity to a larger community.

Richard, in 2019 released Madva to its first Notables and readers. The live events on the website were made in the same year, 2019. He received a positive response about the platform from readers, poets, writers, and artists.

Now, Madva has more than three hundred articles, arts and poems, more than a hundred competitions done, and more than fifteen Writers and Artists who have received a positive response from readers at our website.

Check out our list of Short Stories, Poems, and Arts exclusively here at Madva. Our content comprising of all genres is available for you to view. We are glad that you are on our platform.

Located: Nairobi, Kenya

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