A Woman (Velly)

Describing a woman can be quite a challenge for most people. These creatures are mostly termed as complex or rather impossible to say the least. I understand this because I’m no exception, I have been described as such . I also think that  women are mostly misunderstood. I mean we are just as human as men are the difference being mainly biological.

Apart from this, women are also very underestimated. I mean how easy can it be to carry another being inside you and to deliver it perfectly, to nature and care for it until it is fully grown to an able and exemplary person. It’s not easy, on the contrary it is the exact opposite. Which brings me to wonder how someone would have the audacity to raise their voice or finger on a woman, be it a mother or wife. We owe our mothers our lives. It is not everyday a mother decides to keep a pregnancy, especially the single mothers. Others are terminated and other children given up for adoption, and for some reason this is becoming a norm.

As for the case of our wives, beating up the person you claim to love, a person who is building you a home is hardly the way to go for any mature and educated man. I believe there are multiple ways to solve conflicts where neither of the parties have to be disrespectful. A woman is only to be understood and respected. 

Here is Swinnertone’s article

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