A While Back (Bard Mwendwa)

Love was at heart,
A blissful illusion of a haven,
Calmer than morning’s shine,
Glorious than the melodies of the birds,
Unimaginable at some point,
A while back when I believed in love
Everything felt as light as a feather,
Made us untouchable.

Love quenched the thirst,
Love came first.

Now here I stand
with a stone cold heart,
Broken, hollow
Broken empty promises,
Shattered emotions,
love isn’t as it was
A while back, we’d love to it
now we sleep broken and tormented
memoirs of those beautiful times.

Once upon a time
The world was filled with love,
Now we dine with sorrow,
Cry ourselves to sleep,
Gotta’ be selfish to be happy
Nothing feels true anymore,
So if you see bright love
by the dark corner,
dare not run away
for once upon a time
it was all we wanted,

Now here we are,
lost and broken
wandering through the scars
looking for what once was,
for once upon a time, a little while back
all we had at heart was love.

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