A Prayer Before 2021 (Niccur)

Father in Heaven
On my knees again
I come to you
My Heavenly Father
With a mind full of troubles
A whole load of troubles
My heart is heavy
With great sadness, anguish
And anxiety I find no words
To speak about

The world has sinned dear God
We try to do good every day
According to your word
But we end up failing miserably
Most of the times

Heavenly Father
I thank you for your love
And the gift of life
You have given us
Every day of our life
Your blessings
Are the only things we want
With peace and goodness
My Father

Thank you, Dear God
I trust in you Father
And in your plans
Heal the sick Heavenly Father
So they may be well again
Forgive the wrongs we have done
So we may be your children again
Give us peace and true love
So we may seek to know you more
Let your will be done
Heavenly Father

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