New Year; A Niccur Story

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Its on a new year and some of us still have a busybody and trying to meet their resolutions made at the onset of the year’s eve trying to shut the devil up with overambitious projects.Is a festive breakthrough year of excelling and to maneuver up appreciating the Most high of all the far we have struggled upon to maintain.More of us on the normal year programming are gonna be ambassadors of giving out to the needy as a relief of what God has blessed the plenty on their hands.

weekly and monthly madva give aways

So let’s come together as patriots of our beloved nation on fighting most vices like corruption, racism,gender chauvinism, favoritism and roots of evil as poverty so as for our nation to move to a next level..The lessons we have learnt from the forgone year be a better correction of us.Twelve months is gonna be epic of 2019 let’s make a renovation of ourselves and people around us that’s being human enough.Our families too are being represented by students learning giving them support to parents,guardians,sponsors also to continue paving way like that on a good future ahead.


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