A Message To You Love (Newton)

Happiness is a book of a thousand pages, full of torture, and a small part that concerns the title, happiness. We create happiness according to the situation. Situations might be bad or good, but in conclusion, we take happiness as our part. We make our happiness even if we cannot find one. Our lives are full of dark days, though. I think that happiness occupies less than five percent of our emotions. Which makes us, at the end of the day, hide our tears behind a fake smile.


I feel happy when you are next to me, and touching you is my favorite thing to do. When you smile at me, my body weakens, and you make laughter my hobby. You are my best friend. You make me happy your beauty makes me smile. You are my favorite. Being happy is our choice, even on dark days. When darkness is on our side, we hope for brighter days. You taught me to be happy, which keeps me going.


I was born in the west, where we live in survival mode. Here you either work or die. We laugh for better. No one is there for the other. The less fortunate are we, who are not masculine enough to do heavy jobs. We smile even when we know we do not have anything to bribe our stomachs. Happiness is best when you share with many people, but we do it for ourselves because we have not yet hadchildren to be happy with.

My girl, happiness is by choice.

This is Newton’s, Short Story. Click on the provided name below to view the other Notable’s content.
Lucky’s Poem


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