A Haiku (Lucky)


A world of pain
With every heartbreak,
A drop of tears

I write, erase, relight.
The light of a candle,
Is transferred to another candle, Spring twilight.

The Review:

Haiku is a Japanese word meaning a three-sentence poem that has no rhythm. Our poet Lucky has written under the topic.

He manages to bring out the meaning of the word by writing his poem.

It is a love poem. It is evident from the first sentence that the narrator is trying to speak out to the reader.

The narrator has had a lot of heartbreaks, but they still manage to go through them. Speaking of the world, the narrator says full of heartbreaks; people cry when the heartbreak reaches them.

But there is only one thing that can keep a person going, lighting up a candle of their heart to the next person. If it does not light, then they have to move on and light another candle.

The candle described here is romance and love. The narrator describes it; if the person you have fallen in love with breaks your heart, then never lose hope; search for another person who can light your candle.

Lucky is a poet at Madva. He writes poems for Madva contests. Check out his work exclusively on our website.

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