I was on my way home from the bank. My dad had sent me to withdraw some really large amount of money  which  was supposed  to cater for my sister  education  abroad.
Things were running smoothly  in the busy streets of our great city  Nairobi. Suddenly  everything came to a standstill  when a boy my age was run down by an over speeding  matatu. A no thing in Nairobi by the way. I watched the boy frantically  calling for anyone to come to his aid.

Luckily  a man from the crowd  called an ambulance. To everyone’s  surprise  ambulance responded  immediately  a rare thing in Kenya. The doctors swiftly swung into action and tried to save the young soul. After the first aid I heard the doctor  saying “we cannot admit this boy unless  a sum of hundred thousand is paid” we all stood there wondering  what this country and its esteemed  citizens  had come to. By the looks of things the boy did not have much life left in him unless he was rushed to a hospital.I had no other option but to painfully  part with the  the hundred thousand  in order to save a life.

I had officially  denied my sister  a chance to live her dreams. Here I am now walking  home thinking  hard about  what to tell my dad whom we all know is a vampire if not a lion. Somebody help  me

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