Broken Poems 2021

Nature Raul V Bard Mwendwa V Lucky


Hello Readers,

We have a collection of poems this weekend. They are written by the very best at Madva. We gave our poets a topic to create content. They submitted their content for the contest and are ready to read your views on what they have written.


Your comments, reads, and reviews help our Notables create more relevant and entertaining content. We value your points and take note of what matters to you.

This month’s topic is Broken. Our Notables who have prepared their content for your reading have a high expectation for you to vote for them.


Lucky is one of the best Madva poets. He has created poems for Madva contests several times and won several titles. Get into our library and read some of his best collections.

Bard Mwendwa leads at Madva. He has won acceptance from many readers and therefore taken as many Madva awards as he can. He still has the passion and the fire in writing great content for all readers.


Nature Raul carries the Madva title. He has created poems that highlight social issues making many readers vote for his content.

Check out the content of our Notables above and read them; if you are excited, vote for your poem.

Have a happy weekend!

Read more of our poems on our library below:

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