Madva Elimination 2021

Lucky V Newton

MIC The Life Student V Manuh

Richy V Sam Sly

Felix V Borner Bes

Niccur V Nature Raul

Doro V Bard Mwendwa

Hello reader! Welcome back to our website.


We have made a collection of the best Notables on our website Madva.
On this month’s contest, we hold a Bracket contest among all our Notables at Madva.

The winner will be crowned the most creative content at Madva, and the Notable will hold the Madva title.


Our Notables submitted the content they think is the most creative, and you have the chance to read and vote for the best one.

We have a collection of content from Artists, Writers, and Poets. The content created will compete for the finals.


In each advance, content that has fewer votes will not move to the next Bracket. The winner will move on to the next Bracket till the finals.

Two contests will not be available at the start of the contests because of the number of Notables. Therefore Berry Brenda and Dan have qualified for the next phase of the competition automatically.


The Madva title is at stake. The current titleholder Dan is also in the contest. He will be defending his title against all Notables at Madva.
We at Madva create content for you to read and view.

Check out our library below exclusively at our website.

Published by The Madva

The Madva is a website that hosts talented Writers and Artists. At The Madva, we promote our skills and talents through competition that we hold weekly at our website.

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