Poems to Remember

Beautiful poems that make us quote every line are our priority as always. We have collected five poems for you. Poems that will make you quote every sentence from them. Our collection of poems; were written during our weekly contests.

Our Notables create the content to reach as many readers as possible and earn. It’s what they love doing most.

Check them below and leave a comment on the poems that you see deserve a thumbs up.

  1. Colored: This is a poem written by Richy. The poem is about racism. The narrator is angry about issues they have seen in society. Races neglecting other races due to issues affecting them. It’s a good poem to read and discuss with friends. In the current communities, all races are neglecting each other. Issues being skin color, the way they speak, or how they express themselves socially.
  2. I’ll write you A Poem: This poem written by Phinick. The narrator tries to deal with rejection. Many people fear being rejected or reject others without minding the critical conditions they put them in. The narrator shows out the love she had given to her lover that has expired. To her, it’s like a goodbye letter. A sweet poem to read if you are into feelings.
  3. Uncaged Bird: Written by Bard Mwendwa, the poem describes the feeling of being free. Freedom of all kinds. Maybe reading it, you might get yourself out of your worst fear.
  4. Is Tomorrow Lucky?: The poem discourages procrastination and speaks about politics. A bend you can only translate by yourself. It’s created by Richy.
  5. Untitled: Written by Lucky, the titled poem called untitled is a flowing word-to-word poem. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Madva creates poems for you to read. Check out our poems like these at our library. Feel free to leave a comment or a thumbs up.

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