Art Drawings in Pencil

Felix is one of the best Artists Madva has ever gotten. His arts display charisma and creativity. We have collected five of his arts for you to view. Leave a comment below on art as you view them.

  1. Asylum: A smiling lunatic. Check for yourself and leave a comment below the art.
  2. King of Cupids: I thought that this art is a portrait of Ed Sheeran. But, I can understand your point of view. Leave a comment below the art as you tell me who you think it is.
  3. The C-19 Mask: In remembrance of the dark years that had the pandemic, this art portrays a woman in a Mask. Felix calls the Mask the C-19 Mask.
  4. Jack Sparrow: My all-time favorite movie character Jack Sparrow sketched here; the art sketched to perfection.
  5. The Myth: It sounds like it’s ready to speak out; head cut, serious facial expressions, and a flower beneath the portrait. The hidden meaning is visible in the art. Leave a comment below on the content you love.

Art Drawings in Pencil by Felix. Any art enthusiast surely would love these arts. We create art like these here at Madva for you to view. Check them out.

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