Art Pencil

Madva notables are fond of creating arts from pens or pencils. We have a collection of some of the best art pencils they have drawn for the Madva contests. The pencil arts are one of the most viewed arts here at Madva. Check on them and leave a comment below on one of the art you see is best.

  1. The Healing Process: Art created by Felix. The art shows two masks kissing each other. The Masks display an inner meaning. Leave a comment below on the art you love.
  2. Lost Hope: An art by Dan Arts. The pen art shows a soul living a body. A doctor tries to literary pull the soul back. A clear indication of what doctors are in our society.
  3. Sanctimony: An art by Berry Brenda. I just looked at this art and saw the hypocrisy she portrays in it. So deep that it has penetrated to the souls of members of the religions in our society. Leave a comment on how you think the art speaks to you.
  4. Joker: An art drawn by Felix. Very talented. He is a fan of the Joker, if not Batman himself.
  5. Rich In Poverty: Politicians continue to do politics in our nation while the people suffer. Poverty hits hard, and the children are the ones who suffer the most. Berry Brenda shows this in her art.

Check more of such art pencil arts on our website. Don’t forget to leave a comment on art that inspires you more.

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