Madva 2021 Calendar


This is the Calendar that guides Madva Notables on Madva contests through out the year. The months have topics that Notables will be creating content from.

The calendar shows how the contests are. It guides how Madva operates its competitions.

Check how the contests are below:

January: The topic for discussion this month is Poverty. All Notables are requested to create content under the given topic.

February: Romantic Month is the month for lovers. Due to Valentine’s day being in February, Notables create content under the topic and please those lovers.

March: The topic for this month is called the challenge. Notables create content under the given topic.

April: The topic for this month is “Did You Know?”

May: Notables create under the topic, “Once Upon A Time.”

June: “The Myth” is the topic for this month.


July: Notables create content praising or being creative under their scripts on the given topic “Role Model.”

August: It’s a free month here. Notables create content under their topic. hence the given name, “The Best.”

September: This is a tournament-like contest where a Notable enters brackets and gets eliminated when they lose a competition letting only one Notable win the Madva title.

October: Notables create content under the topic “Broken.”

November: This is the month where the most paying contest is. Notables create content on a given topic and win the high-paying titles.

December: Madva Awards is an event. The best Notables at Madva get awarded for the excellent work they have done on the platform.

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