January Fever 2020; The Madva Title

We host today our Madva Title. The current title holder Sincere has shown her great skills in writing great articles. Today, Phinick a new Madva competitor will be joining the Notables contests. She will show how talented she is by scribbling a poem. Swinnertone has got a taste of the Madva contests and he will be competing too. Check their articles below and read, vote and comment to be our first winner of our Madva’s first gift to our readers. The one to be gifted will be announced this Sunday after the competition is closed. Thank you for being our reader. We value you.

Sincere’s Article

Swinnertone’s Poem

Phinick’s Poem

Published by The Madva

The Madva is a website that hosts talented Writers and Artists. At The Madva, we promote our skills and talents through competition that we hold weekly at our website.

10 thoughts on “January Fever 2020; The Madva Title

  1. What we consider when awarding our readers:-
    1. The most read article/art
    2. The most voted article/art
    3. The most authentic commented article
    4. The most discussed article…
    It’s what we love doing. We value what our readers do for us. Being our readers is the most perfect thing you can ever do to us. We value you. Thank you.


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