The Madva Grand Competition

Welcome to the Grand competition Madva 2019. This is the 2019 final competition. The coming competition will be starting this coming year, 2020. Madva would like to thank those who participated in our weekly competitions as they battle it out in this final competition. Our main aim will always be, creating quality content for our readers. Making them realize that we are not hiding our talents no more. Through our prayers and hard work, we have achieved a lot in Madva. Creating our strong network, making ourselves known and growing day by day. Thank you readers, Thank you Notables. We break our competitions till next year, January 2020.

To vote for the best article click on the name of the competitor and read their articles and arts. Vote for the best one.

Commoners Title
Bard Mwendwa V Velly V Derrick

Writers Title
Swinnertone V Niccur V Symo

Artists Title
Kelvin V Dennis V Prime

Madva Title
Yvenne V Sincere

Published by The Madva

The Madva is a website that hosts talented Writers and Artists. At The Madva, we promote our skills and talents through competition that we hold weekly at our website.

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