Main Event; Once Upon A Time

Madaraka; A Swahili meaning of Freedom. Madaraka day is a day celebrated in our homeland Kenya after She attained self governance in 1963.

Happy Madaraka Day Homeland Kenya

It’s a new month. A month to welcome the new topic to trend the whole month. But we have to finish the month in style. On 1st June 2019 to 2nd June 2019; the Writer’s title will be competed on. Writers will put down what they think is best and you the reader will give your view on the articles. Vote for the article you think reflects on your view on what you think best is. Here are the articles that compete for the writer’s title. Vote for the better one.

Niccur’s Article

Clien Favour’s Article

Finnared’s Article

  • Niccur might loose his title this week. Maybe…he might have a great comeback. Maybe people will vote for him right. It’s all about quality content.
  • “We write to get ourselves heard. We write to be able to start earning from what we love doing,” Richard.
  • We encourage content scripting of high quality. Our goal is to grow ourselves like no other person has made us be.
  • Clien Favour is giving a lead of more than seven votes.
  • Clien Favour is leading.
Starting this coming week

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